How to Play


  1. Choose one player on your team to be the first clue giver and hand them the stack of cards. 
  2. The opposing team will watch the timer while the opposing player keeps an eye on the guess card to make sure the clue giver does not say a word that’s out of bounds.
  3. When the timer starts, your teams clue giver immediately flips the top card and describes the word in the middle of the card without going out of bounds. 


(Note: Shout “Out of Bounds” when the clue giver says a word that’s out of bounds on the guess card.)
  • If a team is not able to answer the current card, passes or skips, that card is shuffled back into the card pile.
  1. Clue givers are NOT allowed to say any of the Out of Bound Words. If they do, that card is disqualified, and that team will receive a Foul Card. The round will then continue as normal. 
  2. When the timer runs out, your teams turn is over. 
  • Score 2 points for each word that’s correctly guessed
  • Subtract 1 point from your teams score for each foul card 
  1. It’s now the next teams turn. 

Foul Cards

When a clue giver accidentally says one of the Out of Bound Words, that team receives a foul card. Each foul card subtracts 1 point from your teams overall score. 

What's Out of Bounds?

Shout “OUT OF BOUNDS” when the clue giver breaks any of these rules. 
  • You cannot say part of any word on the card unless your team says it first. (e.g. you can’t say ‘home’ or ‘coming’ because the it word is ‘homecoming’)
  • You cannot use any plural of tense of the word. (e.g. you can’t say ‘child for children’)
  • You cannot make noises or sounds. 
  • You cannot use words that sound like or rhyme with the key word. 
  • You cannot use abbreviations. (e.g. you can’t say ‘PBJ’ for ‘peanut butter and jelly’) 
  • Have fun and stay out of bounds. 

How to Win

Decide what type of game you’re playing: 
  • Normal Game: Once each player on each team has had a turn, or has taken an equal number of turns as the first clue giver. The cards in each teams point pile are counted and the team with the most cards or points win. 
  • Quick Game: first to 10 points or cards in the point pile win.
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